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NetCareers is a full service boutique search firm that offers a wide range of staffing solutions to start up companies in the data and telecom industries. Our goal is to be the premier provider of human capital solutions to the industries we serve.

Our approach to search is unique in that our goal is to partner with our clients and become their exclusive or preferred staffing partner. To accomplish this we quickly recognized that we had to provide a broader service offering than what was currently available from either your traditional retained or contingency search firm. Therefore, at NetCareers we provide our clients with the best qualities of both retained and contingency search while eliminating the negative attributes of each. We also incorporate the latest in Internet and database technology available for enhance our services and our response time our clients. The Net result is that NetCareers offers the best value in search in the Data and Telecom industries.
Like retained firms, our approach is always consultative, and we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and urgency on every search. Since we specialize in your industry, we do not require any cycles to be up to speed on your technology or the positions we recruit on. Unlike traditional retained firms, you only compensate us if we perform on a search and we do not abandon you after we complete your executive searches. Once we have completed your executive searches, we remain engaged and help you build out your entire team until a liquidity event occurs.

We also recognize that not every search needs to be retained, so we offer a wide range of solutions that are based on your unique needs. Factors we consider prior to making a proposal are: the seniority and urgency to get the position filled, whether any new research is required, and the volume of positions you anticipate hiring through us that year. We then recommend the solution that best meets your needs. We guarantee our performance on all our searches, so we never take on search we are not confident we can fill. We also work in a limited number of disciplines and all our search consultants are specialized

Below is a listing of the services we currently offer our clients:

Retained Search

Executive Level searches with high urgency and confidentiality

Retingency Search

A Blend of Retained and Contingency, usually at the Director Level

Contingency Search

Individual contributors within our core competency

Project Based Solutions

Staffing entire teams, especially Sales / Systems Engineers

On site Recruiter

Mainly in Texas, turnkey staffing solution for early team build out


Used for either Retained, or high volume searches in engineering where we target entire teams from your competitors

Internet Search

Job postings on monster, headhunter, etc. and also our site.

Searches we are best at:

When best to Engage us

Clients usually engage a search firm when they have either exhausted their personal network or do not have the time or resources to handle recruiting efforts.

For startup companies, we recommend initiating a relationship with NetCareers as early as possible as we can help you build out the initial executive team prior to you trying to raise your Series A funding. We can also start a tickler file for each of your critical positions you intend to hire for so that once you close your funding we will have candidates ready to interview.

For established companies, we recommend engaging our services as soon as you have the approved head count and budget.

Contact us for more information on our services or to discuss a specific search.

Search Methodologies

How to Engage Us

After you have completed your internal search and are ready to engage the executive search services of NetCareers, please do the following:

The Placement Process

Here is a brief summary of the placement process. A more detailed summary will be provided to you prior to us kicking off your search. Our search methodology is based on over thirty years of proven experience with the largest search firm in US, where the principle of NetCareers began his executive search career. As soon as we identify a candidate or candidates who meet your criteria and have expressed an interest in pursuing a position, we will do the following:

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