Candidate Services

Confidential Introduction to Unique Opportunities and Personal Attention

The primary service NetCareers provides candidates with is the introduction to compelling career opportunities. However, since we are a full service executive search firm we don’t just make the introduction and abandon you. We are actively involved in managing and facilitating the entire interview process to ensure the greatest chance of success for both parties.
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We view candidates as our customers as without you we would have no clients. Therefore, we guarantee you a professional experience and you can be assured that we never be left waiting for feedback after an interview.

Our goal is to partner with you for your career and hopefully have the opportunity to help you build your team when the need arises. We also encourage our candidates to call us for advice any time they are considering a career change, even if we have not introduced them to the opportunity. We are often asked to assist with negotiations and provide opinions on companies and offers and gladly do so.

Pre Interview – Initial Engagement and Contact

If you determine that NetCareers offers you the kind of career opportunities that you are interested in, we will begin a process that hopefully will lead to an interview and subsequent employment with one of our clients. Our Engagement Process entails the following steps:

Step 1: Initiation and Searching (How We Find You)

In our research, you have emerged as a potential candidate for an opportunity within one of our practice areas, or you have been referred to us by a mutual associate. It is also likely that one of our industry experts is already familiar with your background and qualifications.

Step 2: Submit resume – Getting on our Radar

We would like you to provide us with your current contact information and a the most recent copy of your resume so that we can have a more detailed understanding of your experience and qualifications. The resume also helps facilitate our initial career consultation call with you. You can submit your resume directly to one of our search consultants or via our web site. Your resume never leaves our firm unless you have agreed to pursue an opportunity with a client. As such, we will always contact you to get your permission prior to submitting your resume to a client.

Step 3: Initial Conversation with NetCareers – Quick Profile

At this time we will spend 5-10 minutes with you to get a better understanding of your qualifications and career ambitions and confirm the information that you have submitted to us is accurate. We will also agree to the next logical step in your career to ensure that we contact you with appropriate opportunities. At this point we will have a solid understanding of both your current qualifications and desires in terms of the following:

  • Title / Discipline
  • Technology / Sectors
  • Compensation
  • Location
  • Companies Size

Step 4: Next Contact – Notification of Potential Opportunity

As soon as we have an opportunity that matches your background we will contact you via phone or e-mail to discuss the specific position and confirm your interest to pursue it. If in fact you are interested, we will discuss the company and position in detail with you and make sure that you have all the information you need to fully understand the opportunity. We will also spend additional time with you discussing you background, skills, motivations, goals and other issues that are important to you, to ensure that the opportunity is a good match for you. At the close of the meeting, if we both determine that your qualifications match our clients’ criteria, we will schedule an exploratory interview with the client.

It may be weeks, months or even years before you hear back from us. If we don’t have an open position that is a great fit for you right now, one may emerge later. We ask that you keep us apprised of your circumstances and contact information and fell free to ping us form time to time. You can also check the Current Searches section of our web site.

Managing the Interview Process Process

We will assist you throughout the entire interview process to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision at every step in the process. Prior to interviewing we will have attained a clear understanding of your qualifications, career objectives and compensation requirements. Prior to the interview we will also have shared this information with our client to ensure there is a meeting of the minds between both parties.

Step 1: Job interview

NetCareers will schedule a confidential interview with the client, and you will meet with the client independently.

Step 2: Briefing/Debriefing

Following your interview, we will want you to call us to give us your feedback from the interview and attain your interest to pursue the opportunity further. We will then have a similar discussion with our client. We typically will have feedback for you within 24 hours of the interview. If both parties are interested we will then set up additional interviews as required. After each interview we will go thorough a thorough debriefing.

Step 3: Closing/Offer

When the point arrives at which you and the client both feel there is a good match, typically after 2-3 interviews, employment terms and conditions will be verbally communicated to you. The terms and conditions must be completely accepted by you before a written offer will be submitted so that any remaining issues, concerns or details can be resolved prior to a written offer.

Step 4: Acceptance

The nectars consultant will counsel you on accepting the offer so that you will be positioned in the most favorable light even before you start work. We will also consult with you about resigning from your current job in a professional manner.

Step 5: Your new career begins

NetCareers will continue working with you to help build and develop your new staff.

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